Why Do We Preach? Understanding Our Audience of One

What is the central focus of our preaching? “That was a great sermon, Pastor!” “Pastor, you sure can tell a story. You really told it like it is in that sermon!” “Pastor, you really stepped on my toes. I like it when you make me squirm in my seat.” So go the comments to theContinue reading “Why Do We Preach? Understanding Our Audience of One”

COVID and Motorcycles: An Unlikely Pair Teach a Valuable Lesson

In January 2021 I celebrated my 25th consecutive year serving as a Senior / Lead Pastor in a local church. Over that time, I have concluded that we pastors are often our own worst enemy. Before you click away to another article, let me explain. So much of what we do as pastors is convictionalContinue reading “COVID and Motorcycles: An Unlikely Pair Teach a Valuable Lesson”

For God’s People, Silence is Not an Option

Last week, I heard a woman give a short testimony from a favorite passage of mine found in Jeremiah 20. In that passage, the prophet Jeremiah is weary. He’s been beaten (literally) by people he’d thought were his friends, betrayed by his own family and continually ridiculed for delivering a message that God had givenContinue reading “For God’s People, Silence is Not an Option”

Guarding Your Heart: A Plea to Church Leaders

Keep your heart with all diligence, For out of it spring the issues of life. Proverbs 4:23 When a person looks to buy a new car, they generally notice the sound system, upholstery, or the way it looks. But, if you think about it, the engine is the most important feature of any car, becauseContinue reading “Guarding Your Heart: A Plea to Church Leaders”

A Covid Winter and the Spring Hope of the Gospel

Spring is one of my favorite times of the year. I begin to dream about outdoor projects in my garden and yard. I take more walks and attempt running, unsuccessfully. This Spring is especially sweet because of what I was able to do in November of 2020. During the Fall of last year, two differentContinue reading “A Covid Winter and the Spring Hope of the Gospel”

Theological Triage and Local Church Cooperation (Part II)

Triage is a necessity in the medical world; it is a matter of life and death. In the world of theology, it can also mean spiritual or physical life and death. In the last post on this topic, we considered the importance of fleshing out the brilliant statement by Rupert Meldinius in the 17th CenturyContinue reading “Theological Triage and Local Church Cooperation (Part II)”

The Burden of Pines and Pastors

The snow and ice fell on a row of heavy-laden pines which border my property and a busy road next to my home. The beauty is portrait quality in high definition, and I cannot look away. My mind wanders to distant memories of building snow forts with my sister and rolling snowmen with my children.Continue reading “The Burden of Pines and Pastors”

Pastoral Resilience: Enduring for the Sake of the Gospel

Pastoral Resilience One of the strands woven into leaders’ character in the community of faith throughout millennia is resilience. In both the Old and New Testament and in the chronicles of extra-biblical history, this one single strand of character is irreducible. In the world of the 21st century Pastor, it is relevant and necessary. InContinue reading “Pastoral Resilience: Enduring for the Sake of the Gospel”

Through Lenses and Lights to Hearts Afar

Here are some personal heart-felt thoughts about what it is like for me to Pastor and Preach in our current circumstances. I am so thankful for Wayne Hills Baptist Church and the grace you extend to me each week to lead and teach you. It is 9:30 am—It is Sunday morning and I am preparingContinue reading “Through Lenses and Lights to Hearts Afar”